Tips To Help With Your Upcoming Dumpster Rental

Waste disposal in your home and property can require a larger capacity disposal arrangement than a traditional curbside pickup can provide. By renting a dumpster you can provide yourself the capacity and convenience to dispose of the waste. Here are some recommendations to help you successfully rent a dumpster for your cleanup and debris collection.

Plan For Proper Waste Collection

As you make arrangements to rent your dumpster for cleanup or demolition at your property, make sure you talk to your rental specialist about the type of waste you plan to dispose of. The type of waste you put into the dumpster can make a difference in the disposal costs and if the items are even allowed to dispose of through the waste pickup.

Some items need to be disposed of separately from regular household waste, such as construction debris, concrete chunks, soil, or asphalt. These materials come with a greater weight per volume, and can add extra expenses to the disposal. Your dumpster rental specialist may recommend a specific container to dispose of this type of heavy waste, which can be recycled at times. 

Load the Dumpster Properly

With all the variety of items you may need to load into your dumpster, you will want to complete it in a smart manner so you can fit as much as possible. If you have any large items that you cannot break into smaller pieces, you should load them into the bottom of the dumpster. Doing so will not only distribute the weight evenly but will also help you utilize the space most efficiently. You will want to make sure you distribute the weight of heavy items evenly through the dumpster. The reason for this is because when the transport driver comes to pick up the dumpster for disposal at the landfill, uneven weight distributed in the dumpster can put it at risk of tipping over in traffic during transportation. If you place all the heaviest items in one corner or one side of the dumpster, it will lean to that side during transport.

Larger disposal items may include items, such as furniture, appliances, and large pieces of equipment. This also makes it easier to load the larger items into the bin, as you can usually walk them into the dumpster via its side door panel that opens up. Be sure your dumpster comes with this side door feature to help you in the loading process.

Then, after you have loaded the larger bulky items into the dumpster you can fill in the remaining spaces with the smaller pieces of debris. With the larger pieces placed into the bottom of the dumpster, you can break down your other items that will flatten or break into smaller pieces. This can include pieces of drywall, cupboards, cardboard boxes, bags of trash, and sections of particleboard. For more information, contact a dumpster debris box rental company. 

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