Remodel Responsibly By Recycling Your Old Drywall

Expanding your home's square footage, adding a new bathroom, or altering the existing layout of your home's floor plan are all construction projects that can add significant value to your property. Each of these remodeling projects requires demolition, which could result in a lot of old drywall being removed from your home.

Dumpster rentals provide you with access to receptacles where your old drywall can be safely stored while awaiting disposal. Instead of relying on a single dumpster to accommodate all of your construction waste removal needs, you should add a second dumpster that can house recyclable drywall materials.

Recycling drywall reduces landfill waste.

Municipal landfills are filling at a rapid pace. Garbage is being shipped greater distances for disposal as highly populated areas fill up their designated landfill spaces. Drywall materials are bulky, and your remodeling project can create a significant amount of drywall debris as you demolish walls inside your home.

Investing in a recycling dumpster that allows you to send your old drywall to a recycling center rather than a municipal landfill will help you reduce your reliance on landfill space to prevent overfilling in the future.

Discarded drywall can be toxic.

You should take the time to think about the environmental impact of your remodeling project prior to beginning demolition. Having a recycling dumpster available for the duration of your project allows you to prevent your old drywall from becoming a toxic contaminant.

Gypsum, one of the primary ingredients in drywall, can become dangerous as it breaks down. Your drywall could release hydrogen sulfide or sulfur dioxide into the environment as it deteriorates, and these gases can be deadly. Sending drywall to a recycling center instead ensures that you won't be responsible for contributing to pollution rates in your area.

Recycling is affordable.

Reducing costs when remodeling your home is often a priority, and relying on a recycling dumpster can be a simple and effective way to keep your home improvement project under budget. Disposing of construction waste can be costly.

Experts estimate that it costs $50 per ton to send waste to a landfill, and between $65 and $75 a ton to incinerate this waste. When compared with the $30 per ton price tag associated with recycling, it's easy to see why choosing to recycle your construction waste is the more affordable option.

Make sure that you have the right tools available during your remodel by investing in a recycling dumpster to dispose of your old drywall.

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