Gearing Up For A Clean-Up Project? 4 Tips To Help You Avoid Accidents Or Injuries With Your Roll-Off Dumpster

If you're embarking on a major cleaning project, the first thing you should do is rent a dumpster. You're going to need more space than your curbside trash cans will provide you with. Not only that, but there are things that you can't toss in your curbside cans. With a roll-off dumpster, you'll have all the room you need to complete your cleaning project. When you're done, your trash company will pick up the dumpster and take your garbage with them. To help you avoid problems with your rental, here are some steps you'll need to follow.

Know What Can and Can't Go in Your Dumpster

If you're going to be renting a dumpster, you've got to know what you can, and can't discard in it. Most garbage companies have specific rules for what can go in each of their dumpsters. The best way to avoid problems is to let your garbage company know what you plan on discarding. For instance, large furniture items, or discarded building materials. By knowing what you can safely discard, you'll avoid problems that could lead to a fine, or increased rental fees.

Inspect the Dumpster When It Arrives

You might not realize this, but a damaged roll-off dumpster can pose a serious safety risk to you and others. This is particularly true if there are jagged edges, damaged hinges, or broken doors. To make sure you reduce the risk of accidents or injuries, it's important that you inspect the dumpster once it's delivered to your property. If you see issues that could pose risks to you or others, you should request that you be given a different dumpster.

Always Wear Protective Gear

When you're working in or around a roll-off dumpster, you'll need to make sure that you're always wearing protective gear. You may be discarding items that could cause serious injuries. Your protective gear should include steel-toed boots, protective goggles, and heavy-duty gloves. The boots will protect your feet from crushing injuries, and from the risk associated with sharp objects and rusty nails. The goggles will protect your eyes, and the gloves will protect your hands from potential injuries.

Avoid Smoking Near Your Dumpster

You might not realize this, but the items you're discarding could pose a fire risk. To avoid that risk, it's a good idea to avoid smoking around the dumpster. This is particularly important if you've discarded furniture, wood, or flammable liquids.

If you need to rent a roll-off dumpster for your next cleaning project, use the tips provided above to help you reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Talk to a business like Mountain Waste & Recycling to learn more.

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